A Few Divers Ran Across An Undersea Event That Is Both Fascinating And Awful

Pink Tank Scuba was diving near Blairgowrie Pier in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia, when they saw something odd.

From a distance, it looked like rubble or possibly coral…but no, it was over 1,000 spider crab crawling over each other to make a huge pyramid on the ocean floor.

Nope, definitely not coral.

It’s a giant heap of NOPE.

This is fascinating, but it may convince you to stay on dry land.

At this time of year, spider crabs usually collect for a mass migration and molt.

However, ensure such a spider crab pyramid seems to be pretty unusual( even for regular divers in the area ). According to Hirschfield( via Grind TV ), “The behaviour I observed was truly merely a lot of climbing and a few scuffles as crab got in each other’s faces…A few of the crab in the pyramid were also adorning themselves with sponges becoming decorator crab, which is a camouflage mechanism.”

Not merely that, but these pyramids don’t last very long.

So, these divers were just a luck few who were able to witness such a large, skin-crawling event.

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