A New Royal Wedding! Queen Elizabeth Will Marry Her Diving Instructor Later This Summertime

Royal Family fans, get ready to completely lose it, because this is huge. Wedding bells are ringing again in the House of Windsor, as its been announced that Queen Elizabeth will marry her scuba diving teacher this summer!

Another royal wedding? Yes, please!

Since the announcement, the internet has become totally obsessed with learning everything there is to know about the bridal and the queens mysterious new beau. Heres a rundown of all the details we have so far 😛 TAGEND The luck groom-to-be is a 56 -year-old diving teacher from Brighton named Fergus Boone, and hes a grade-A hunk. The queen hired him to help her completed her offshore diving certification, and sparks started to fly when the couple grabbed a bite of Thai after a diving conference. Fergus brings to the Royal Family his grown son, Robert, a real estate agent working in the Brighton area.

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