Adventurous Scuba Diving Couple Gets Engaged While Surrounded By Sharks

Proposals happen just about anywhere malls, beaches, Disney World why can’t they happen underwater?

A proposal should be special to the couple. If the ocean is very important to them, it stimulates perfect sense to have a proposal involving the ocean. One man tried to use a scubadiver to propose to his girlfriend, but a stingray photobombed project proposals!

Rather than be outside of the water for a proposal, Ulises Flores ran all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor to propose to his girlfriend Cassie Jensen. For the scuba divers, project proposals was very fitting. They had a very rare audience for this proposal.

Usually, when people propose in public, women will fawn over the newly engaged couple. For Ulises and Cassie, they had a bunch of fish and sharks to celebrate with. The couple doesn’t even appears to notice their audience, even when a shark swim right next to them. You can see the entire underwater proposal in the video below!

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