Always Check For Great White Sharks Before Swimming In The Ocean…Always

As someone who’s petrified of water , nothing is more scaring to me than scuba diving into the open ocean. This is something that I literally have nightmares about at least once a week. However, while I thought that nothing could top that on the terror scale, I have just been proven incorrect.

The following video is from the helmet camera of a diver in the Gulf of Mexico just off the coast of St. George Island in Florida. Right in the middle of his diving, he spotted a giant great white shark stalking him in the depths. He had no choice but to prepare himself for disaster.

To say this video is scaring is a bit of an understatement.

( source: grayshep)

Luckily, for whatever reason, the shark turned away at the last minute and returned to the depths. Another moment and this diver would have been toast. Ugh…I hate the ocean.

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