Book: The Secret of Rosalita Flat

Caribbean Humor Novel Returns Readers To The Quirky Side Of Paradise

Most people dream of being stranded on a tropical island. But down-on-his-luck Cal Batten merely wants to sell his dadas ramshackle, football-shaped house, fly home and pay off his creditors. Unfortunately for him , nothing on Blacktip Island runs smoothly, and if he canat figure out what illegalities his old man was mixed up in, fast, he may end up stuck on the island, infringe and homeless.

Thatas the heroas predicament in The Secret of Rosalita Flat, the comic follow-up to the award-nominated Blacktip Island from multi-agency scuba instructor Tim W. Jackson. The novel returns readers to the fictional Blacktip Island, and is an irresistible comic mystery for anyone whoas ever dreamed of trading the rat race for a carefree life of hammocks and palm trees.

aThe Secret of Rosalita Flats is a Northern-Exposure-meets-Margaritaville slapstick, a Jackson said. aThe land mass is fictional, but the put and characters will resonate with anyone whoas spent time on a small, tropical island. People canat run diving right now. They canat fly to the Caribbean. But with this book they can escape to the tropics for a dive in their minds, and hopefully have a laugh in the process.a

The locals are quirky: A handyman who claims he can see the future; a housekeeper who refuses to be fired; a resort manager who thinks heas an avenging angel sent to keep folks on the straight-and-narrow; a beautiful ex-best friend who might just drown Cal if she gets the chance; and someoneaor somethingathat might be an island tall tale come to life to scare him away from the place.

Alex Brylske said, aThe bookas accurate and well-described scuba information will appeal to divers. Non-divers, too, will be entertained by the descriptions of the undersea environment and a suspenseful plot. I couldnat put it down until the end! a Jill Heinerth, writer of Into the Planet a My Life as a Cave Diver said, aTim Jackson takes readers on a vividly-described mystery full of intrigue, scuba and odd characters that can only be found in a quirky tropical paradise.a Dive Trainingas Jerry Beaty said, aThe book had me on the first chapter! Next thing I knew I was nine chapters in before I looked up! a

The novel describes on Jacksonas 20 years working as a boat captain and scuba instructor in the Cayman Islands.

Before moving to the Caribbean, Jackson ran as a journalist in Florida for a decade, then earned a masteras degree in creative writing from Southern Methodist University.

Jacksonas previous fiction, Blacktip Island, was a USA Book News Book of the Year award finalist. His Blacktip Island-based short tales have appeared in literary journals worldwide.

The Secret of Rosalita Flat is available at local bookstores as well as at online booksellers in hardbound, paperback and ebook editions.

Paperback: A 2 56 pages ISBN-1 3: A 9 78 -1 7351136 16 ISBN-1 0: A 1 7351136 11 Publisher: A Devonshire House Press( Aug. 1 2020)

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