Cameron Diaz, 43, Tells Women How To Get Ready For Menopause

Cameron Diaz has never been one to shy away from talks about aging. The 43 -year-old has now co-authored an upcoming book, The Longevity Book , in which she talks about how women can take care of their bodies in every decade of their lives.

Diaz also appears on the covering of the April issue of Women’s Health and dishes out some of her age-defying advice for both younger and older women. With an enviable physique herself, Diaz talked about strength training to preserve bone mass, being aware of your fertility and even menopause. Though the average age of a woman reaching menopause is 51, Diaz says you should start preparing for the big change in your 40 s.

“Make connects, make friends, join communities, and actually honor yourself. You’re getting ready to build that transition to menopause, so attaches importance to where you’re at emotionally, physically, and mentally, ” Diaz said.

Women can have an increased risk of depression during the years leading up to menopause, so having a subsistence network is definitely important. The changes can also come at at hour where many women already have a full plate, juggling family, career and caring for aging parents, which stimulates social connects even more meaningful.

“The women who stress have it longer and harder, but all those people who accepted it have it shorter and less severe, ” Diaz said.

As for Diaz, she says she’s focusing on maintaining herself healthy and fit for the long haul. She’s said she exercises every day to to not only appear and feel younger, but to stay fit.

“When I’m 75 -years-old, I want to be snowboarding and scuba diving and surfing and hiking, if I’m lucky, ” Diaz told Vogue. “Getting older is a boon, and not everyone gets to do it. It’s not a given. It’s a privilege.”

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