DAN Oxygen Units and Treating COVID-1 9

Some divers have asked DAN about use their personal oxygen units to treat people with COVID-1 9. Diversa eagerness to help during this crisis is truly admirable. However, DAN does not support the use of these emergency oxygen units for clues other than scuba diving injuries and cases of nonfatal drowning by anyone other than medical professionals.

Adherence to these guidelines is important even in the current circumstances because of lay providersa unfamiliarity with possible comorbidities and contraindications( which include some respiratory diseases) and the high transmissibility of the virus, among other factors.

DAN oxygen divisions and oxygen provider train are intended merely for use in scuba diving traumata and nonfatal drowning incidents. Even with a manually triggered ventilator( MTV-1 00 ), it would be virtually impossible to ventilate a critically ill patient with the right ventilation parameters and for the length of time required to treat COVID-1 9. Patients with severe respiratory distress may need invasive ventilatory measures( i.e ., an endotracheal tubing or a laryngeal mask) with continuous ventilation and positive end-expiratory pressure( PEEP ), none of which can be achieved with first assist equipment.

For more information from Divers Alert Network on COVID-1 9 please visit DAN.org/ COVID-1 9 .

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