Diving in the Philippines

The Philippines was named as the aworldas leading dive destinationa by the World Travel Awards( WTA) last year. This country is a gem for divers and offers the best diving experience for both beginners as versed divers. But why ?

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1. Coral Triangle
The Philippines is in the center coral triangle. The Coral Triangle is a region in the Indo-Pacific and itas an epicenter of biological diversity. Although this area doesnat even cover 2% of the planetas ocean, it has more than 3,000 species of fish and has about 75% of all the coral species in all countries of the world !!

2. One of the biggest Whale Shark population in the world
The Whale Shark is on the top of every divers pail list, and thatas why the Philippines is a must go: it has one of the biggest Whale Shark populations in the world!

LAMAVE( Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute) Philippines started in 2012 and has been studying Whale Sharks and the interaction between these gentle giants and humans.
Now the population of the Whale Sharks in the Philippines are monitored and well taken care of. In the past Whale Sharks were targeted and killed now, with setting up these institutes and ecotourism in places such as Oslob and Leyte, the population of the oceans largest fish has been growing enormously.

Photo: Margareth Weijte/ Magic Resorts

3. Diversity: from XXS to XXL
Being located in the Coral Triangle, the Philippines offers a huge diversity of marine life. From special critters, like the Wunderpus, the Hairy Frogfish and the Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse to Turtles, Whale Sharks and Manta Light: in the Philippines “youre seeing” the extra-small to the extra-large, to the extra bizarre of marine life. Are you a nudibranch-lover? Or are you crazy about the big stuff? The Philippines has it all!

4. Diversity: from muck to corals

itas not only the diversity in marine life that induces the Philippines a world resulting diving destination, also the different dive scenes make this country one of the best places to go diving.
Do you “ve been wanting to” hover around above sandy bottoms to see the behavior of small critters? Or do you prefer to explore coral gardens and/ or walls, searching for the most amazing underwater scenery? The Philippines has it and has it in abundance, you can drift along a coral, where at the bottom you have an amazing sandy area filled with critters, then ascend up to finish your dive on top of the wall in an astonishing coral garden teaming with life.

5. Filipino hospitality and friendliness
Aside from the great diving, the Philippines is popular because of the friendly people and warming hospitality! After your dives, youare guaranteed to be served with the world-famous Filipino smile to finish off a great experience!

With two resorts on two different islands, Magic Resorts Philippines offers you an unforgettable diving experience, which include all the above! Let the passionate and experienced dive masters demonstrate you the best of the Coral Triangle and experience the Filipino hospitality between your dives. Find out more and visit the website www.magicresorts.online.A

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