First Few Sons From Trapped Thailand Soccer Team Have Been Rescued From Underground Cave — Others Still Remain Behind Awaiting Rescue

This story has shocked and captivated the world for the past couple weeks, but hopefully, it’s starting to come to a( happy) conclusion.

Rescuers in Thailand have finally been able to reach and remove several of the trapped young sons from a football squad that has been stuck in an underground cave in the country for well over two weeks.

Overnight this weekend, rescuers — including Thailand’s own Navy SEAL unit — brought four of the boys on an eight-hour scuba diving trek to security through water and up to the surface. Three of the four boys were then instantly airlifted to hospitals, while the fourth was taken by ambulance.

The priority was reportedly to get the weakest, most vulnerable boys out first — while there are still at least eight other boys and their coach-and-four remaining behind in the cave waiting to be rescued.

Footage from the scene depicts some of the rescuers reaching the top and heading for hospitals with the first four sons( below ):

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