Former DAN Vice President Richard D. Vann pass away

It is with great sadness that Divers Alert Network announces the passing of its former vice president of research, Richard D. Vann, Ph.D.

Dr. Vann was an esteemed researcher whose run focused on the physiology of breathing and exercise in special environments and the epidemiology of pressure-change-related traumata. His extensive career spanned more than 60 years, and his research supported the implementation of safer pressure-exposure protocols in diving, mountaineering, aviation and space exploration.

A former U.S. Navy SEAL, Vann was a true champ of diver safety whose work is foundational to many of todayas dive safety standards. He was dedicated to preventing dive fatalities and understanding the mechanisms of decompression sickness, and his outstanding leadership made a direct impact on nearly all of todayas leading dive safety researchers.

During his 40 years at Duke Universityas F.G. Hall Laboratory and his 20 years at DAN, Vann conducted some of his most notable studies in the epidemiology of diving traumata, safety in recreational diving, and human decompression. Among the subjects of his research are the following 😛 TAGEND Environmental and physiological factors affecting cerebral blood flowing, cerebral oxygenation and CNS oxygen toxicity Nitrogen elimination during oxygen breathing Effect of hypercapnia on arterial oxygen saturation and cerebral oxygenation during hypoxia Effects of hyperventilation and oxygen breathing on breath-hold Mechanisms and locations of in vitro and in vivo bubble formation and their relation to decompression sickness Physiological damage resulting from in situ bubbles and from bubbles associated with implanted biomaterials Factors affecting decompression sickness in cosmonauts during extravehicular activity in space Surface interval oxygen and in-water oxygen repetition dive tables Determination of safe surface intervals before flying after diving Use of dive computers to record recreational dive profile and medical outcome data for Divers Alert Network Development of statistical models of decompression sickness and acute mountain sickness

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