He Succumbed While Diving, And His Camera Was Operating The Entire Time

On the coast of the Red Sea lies one of the world’s most infamous scuba locatings, and it’s known locally as the Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is an underwater sinkhole that goes down about 96 meters( or 314 feet ). It’s a popular spot for free diving, but it’s also earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous locatings in the world.

Despite regulation by authorities, about two divers per year are defeated by the sinkhole. The most well known death at the hole happened when diving instructor Yuri Lipski got lost back in 2000.

Lipski foolishly decided to dive to the bottom of the hole on his own.

He managed to reach a depth of 304 feet. However, at this depth, nitrogen narcosis began to impact his mental state, causing him to become disoriented.

Once he realized that he would not be able to escape, Lipski removed his oxygen mask and quickly perished.

When a diver was sent to retrieve Lipski’s body, they discovered that he had brought a video camera down with him. The camera attributed to his helmet objective up recording the entire ordeal — including the moment of his death.

The video below is not for the swoon of heart.

( via Reddit)

That poor guy. I can’t even imagine how horrible his final moments must have been. Let this be a reminder to bring a buddy with you when you’re doing anything risky , no matter how skilled you are.

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