Last minute adopt a coral gift good for the ocean!

Coral Guardian, a major force in coral reef conservation various regions of the world , now offers a unique Christmas gift through it’s Adopt a Coral program, Coral Guardian. So spoil your loved ones, or yourself, while contributing to the protection of the ocean. Click here to adopt! A

Each coral adopted comes with a personalized adoption certificate. A coral adoption is an original gift and a strong symbol to actively contribute to the restoration of coral reef in areas damaged by human activities. And this year, the Coral Guardian certification has a brand new design and format that will suit both those who wish to have their credential framed to slip it under the tree, as well as those who prefer to give a digital version! In a few easy clicks on the NGOas website, you can adopt and name a coral for 30 Euros. In exchange, you will receive the personalized adoption certificate by email with a photo, the name you chose for your coral, its GPS location, as well as the names of the Coral Guardian squad member which is able to transplant it for you onto the restoration area.

For those who prefer to leave the coral naming to the recipient, their new’ adopt a coral via a gift code’ feature allows you to offer this. Your recipient will receive this code immediately by email, and, by giving a name to their coral on the NGOas website, they will receive their personalized adoption certificate by email. To maintain this event as a astonish, you can also enter your own information to receive the gift code yourself and transfer it to your recipient later.

Why contribute to coral reef restoration?

Coral reefs cover merely about 1% of the ocean surface but is host to 25% of the world’s marine species and 275 million people depend immediately on them for a living. But today coral reefs are under threat. 40% have already disappeared due to human activities and global warming. If nothing is done in the next 5 years, coral reefs will have totally disappeared from our planet. So this year, give a gift that induces sense for your loved ones, for you and for the planet! Coral Guardian is a French NGO which acts for the protection of coral reefs by involving local communities through marine preservation, awareness programs and science. The NGO is active in Indonesia and Spain, and seeks to develop its actions in other regions of the world.

For more visit: Coral Guardian .

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