Lightings! Camera! Sub Action!

By Author Mike Seares

LIGHTS! CAMERA! SUB ACTION! came about from a desire to tell the story of working in an industry where remarkable things can happen, all in a day’s work.

aThe aim of the book is to give the reader a sense of what goes on in creating underwater material for movie, TV and other media projects, and to share some of the incredible escapades that can happen along the way.

aThe industry itself cover-ups such a broad spectrum of run that no two jobs are ever alike.

aThere is the high-powered world of feature films, with glamorous locatings, expensive hotels and all the trimmings- and there is the run-and-gun excitement of following a developing news story or documenting an underwater expedition.

There are the crazy notions thrown up by commercials and pop promos, which often boggle the intellect and require creative thinking to achieve- and there is the careful planning and preparation necessary when designing and producing a documentary to inform and entertain.

aWhere required, care has been taken to explain in simple terms any technological aspects of the diving and filmmaking process, so that the reader will have an understanding as to the background of the actions being described.

aBut above all, it is hoped the book will provide an entertaining tale of discovery and adventure in an often misunderstood industry.

Your guide through this fascinating world is Mike Seares, who has worked in the industry since 1982 in roles including: safety diver, underwater coordinator, cameraman, writer and director.

From retrieving five-hundred-year-old Lucayan Indian skulls deep inside the Blue Holes of the Bahamas to car chases with Russian scientists in pursuit of an escaped beluga whale.

From reassuring Indiana Jones before another hazardous ordeal to filming in NASAas Neutral Buoyancy Simulator where cosmonauts train for complex missions in space.

There are over 300 photograph to compliment the text.

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