Appearing for a underwater metal detector?

JW Fishers Pulse 8X is incumbent upon many underwater discoveries

JW Fishers are synonymous with underwater search equipment. You would have likely insured their adverts inside the pages of DIVER for as long one can remember. The JW Fishers HQ is located about 35 minutes south of Boston, Massachusetts. From November to March, the entire New England coast is blanketed with cold weather and snow. Although New England and much of the Midwest are having some very cold days, some parts of the country are still enjoying the sunlight and opportunities to set JW Fishersa metal detectors to work.

The Pulse 8X is the top of the line hand held underwater metal detector sold by JW Fishers Mfg. The unit has been rated# 1 by US Homeland Security and continues to be the ago-toa product for many people looking to own a commercial-grade detector. Sales to military, police, search and rescue dive teams, public safety dive squads, commercial industries, and recreational divers represent the majority of marketings year after year.

JW Fishers is proud to support local dive shops across the globe, and they are a key part of JW Fishersa success. These organizations offer the world with incredible discoveries that otherwise would be lost to history. Sail Fish Scuba of Key Largo, Florida, is owned and operated by Chris and Jen Kerr. The Dive Boat, called aThe Deeper, a is a custom make 38 Delta, the vessel a pleasure to dive from.

In November of 2018, two important archaeological maritime discoveries were attained near the Upper Florida Keys by individuals who federal scientists lauded for reporting, rather than disturbing, their discovers. Jennifer Kerr, owner of Sailfish Scuba was exploring the Hannah M. Bell shipwreck near Key Largo when she noticed a gun on Elbow Reef that is now believed to be nearly 200 years old. The discover comes the same month that Homestead commercial trap fisherman Jose Antonio Lopez Ruiz was looking overboard from his ship and spotted what turned out to be the wooden wreckage from an unidentified ship from the 19 th century near Alligator Reef off Islamorada. The wreck lies in about 25 -3 0 foot of water.

The Pulse 8X was purchased by Sail Fish Scuba in attempt to verify the cannon and to search the surrounding region for any other debris. Since the purchase, Jen states; aour personnel, employing the Pulse 8X, have found now the carriage the cannon came off of, and many more parts of the old Spanish Galleon Ship.a A second cannon was also detected covered in silt using the Pulse 8X. Jen shared that, since they received the Pulse 8X, there have been two occasions where engagement rings have been lost and saw employing their detector.

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