Never be out of scope: Research could construct texting while scuba diving possible

File photo: A scuba diver attains his way out from from an underwater passageway at Isola Bella in Taormina, Italy, at the start of summer holiday season on the Mediterranean island of Sicily July 5, 2015.( REUTERS/ John Schults)

One day soon, you may no longer be able to use “I’m “re going through” a tunnel” as an excuse for why you’ve merely hung up the phone.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency( DARPA) and its AMEBA( A Mechanically Based Antenna) team are working on methods to ensure that the answer to “Can you hear me now? ” is always “Yes.”

AMEBA is in the process of developing portable ULF, or ultra-low-frequency( 1Hz to 3kHz ), and VLF, or very low frequency( 3kHz to 30 kHz ), transmitters capable of penetrating a whole host of materials that we may have previously thought wholly incompatible with such signals. Think underwater and through stone.

According to a news release from DARPA, Troy Olsson of DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office is working on some aspects of electromagnetic physics “that could expand wireless communication and data transfer into undersea, underground, and other decideds where such abilities basically have been absent.” That means connectivity at a previously unthinkable scale.

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