New dive watch Kickstarter campaign

A new Kickstarter campaign has launched for a reasonably priced and very attractive diver water- the Cult Diver Arctic Circle.

Knut Gadd is a small lifestyle watch brand from Stockholm, Sweden, inspired by the founderas grandfather, a water polo player, an Olympian and a member of the old breed who enjoyed a good Scotch, a tailored navy blazer, top down jaunts on the Riviera, and a wristwatch he had been able to trust with his life.

For their latest model, a dive watch theyave named the Cult Diver Arctic Circle, they felt called to create something both obliging and meaningful, and for that they seemed to their origin. Sweden, and all of Scandinavia, can be a harsh place, especially in Winter. And especially up in the far North. Itas to here Knut Gadd will venture , north of the Polar Circle, to the coldest and clearest Arctic lake in all of Scandinavia: Troll Lake.

Each and every Cult Diver Arctic Circle will be lowered 100 feet to the bottom of Troll Lake and left to season for a cooling 72 hours, as a final exam of quality and to give it some character. Apart from their drive to make a damn good watch with a sense of escapade, Knut Gadd are equally passionate about raising awareness about the Arctic and making their contribution to help preserve this delicate ecosystem.

Speaking about escapade a the Cult Diver is not just an adventure watch. aTo us it is an adventurous watch because before it reaches its new proprietor it has already rubbed elbows with history, something that hopefully inspires greatness from its wearera, says founder Carl Gadd. Itas been a rewarding process and now they are looking to crowdfunding to take it the final step of the way. The Cult Diver Arctic Circle edition is a Kickstarter exclusive and will only be available in this limited run, and merely for the duration of the campaign. This due to logistical reasons, and of course the obvious: each year, the summer sun eventually melts even the thick Arctic ice.

Knut Gadd has tried to create a one of a kind watch that transcends the message of escapade, by infusing it with an actual adventure. They hope it finds an audience that appreciates , not just the watch, but the originality of its journey, the important Arctic message and how that infusion carries into their own lives to inspire them. As Knut Gadd himself would have put it: aItas every manas damned responsibility to be an original.a

The Cult Diver Arctic Circle is now on Kickstarter.

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