New Shearwater Peregrine Dive Computer

Shearwater have announced their newest dive computer, the PEREGRINE, a simple andA accessible, full colouring, multi-gas dive computer that will be easy to use for divers of all experience levels.

The Peregrine has four diving modes a Air, Nitrox, 3 Gas Nitrox and Gauge. With simplified recreational dive modes, full decompression supporting, built-in quick dive planner and wireless charging. Tyler Coen, Director of Engineering at Shearwater, explains the design concept behind the Peregrine: aWhile a Shearwater dive computer at a lower cost is a great concept, cost reductions could not sacrifice Shearwateras reputation. A fantastic screen, high robustness, and simple usability were non-negotiable. We received efficiencies by using the Perdix screen, TericA buttons, and by reducing the depth rating to 120 m. Some advanced features like technicalA modes, the digital compass, and air consolidation were removed, but the fundamentalA Shearwater experience remains. Firmware is based on the Perdix recreational 3-gas nitrox mode, further adding to that an even simpler single gas mode. A gauge mode is included, A attaining the Peregrine a great backup for those advancing on to technological diving. While theA Peregrineas price may grab attention, a quality diving experience was our focus throughout the design process.a

Some of the additional features that the Peregrine offers are: a user-customizable showing, A BuIhlmann ZHL-1 6C with gradient factors, a depth rating of 120 m/ 394 ft, CNS Tracking , noA lockout for dive plan deviations, a rechargeable battery capable of yielding 30 -hours of dive day per charge, onboard dive logging storage of 200 hours, vibration alerts, BluetoothA connectivity, and much more.

$450 USD plus taxes and available to order on July 23.

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