One Of Austria’s Best Hiking Spots Turns Into A Lake Every Year

Watch your step.

A hike in the park could turn into a scuba journey if you walk slow enough in Grner See, a mountainous Austrian park that turns into a lake every year.

Grner See, which means “Green Lake” in English, sits at the base of the Hochschwab mountains near the town of Tragoess in Austria, and everything in the park — the benches, grassy hills, creeks and bridges — become a popular diving place come springtime, when winter’s snowfall and ice flood the area with beautiful aquamarine water.

By summer, the pond reaches its maximum depth of about 40 feet. The lake’s green color( hence its name) is a result from the grass and foliage that line the bottom of the basin.

We’re get into prime hiking day, simply make sure you don’t take a long sleep on one of those benches — you might wake up underwater.

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