Only 1 Person Remains Missing From California Dive Boat Fire

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.( AP) — Merely one person remained missing Wednesday after searchers recovered 33 bodies from the charred underwater wreckage of a dive boat that catch fire off the Southern California coast and sank on Labor Day.

Among the victims were an engineer for Apple who went on the journey with his wife and daughter to celebrate the teen’s 17 th birthday, a special effects designer for Disney, a nature photographer, a nurse and a physics educator from Northern California who was with his 26 -year-old daughter.

Five crew members, including the captain, managed to escape the Conception after Monday’s pre-dawn fire that engulfed the barge as the victims slept below decks near the island of Santa Cruz during a three-day scuba diving excursion. The boat eventually sank and overruled, making the recovery of bodies challenging.

The only crewmember to die was 26 -year-old Allie Kurtz, who quit her corporate undertaking at Paramount Pictures to work on dive barges and had recently been promoted to deckhand on the Conception.

She was sleeping with the other divers below deck when flames moved quickly through the 75 -foot( 23 -meter) ship, blocking a constrict stairway and an escape hatch leading to the upper decks.

DNA will be needed to identify the victims. Authority will use the same rapid analysis tool that identified victims of the deadly wildfire that devastated the Northern California town of Paradise last year, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said.

Apple engineer Steve Salika and his wife, Diana Adamic, went on the journey with their daughter Tia Salika to celebrate the teen’s 17 th birthday, company senior vice president Deirdre O’Brien told The Mercury News newspaper. Apple colleague, Dan Garcia, joined them.

Tia was a student at Pacific Collegiate Charter School, a high-performing school serving grades 7 to 12 in Santa Cruz. Also with her was a fellow student Berenice Felipe, according to a letter sent to the school community obtained by NBC News.

O’Brien said in a statement that Salika’s “energy and enthusiasm touched so many people across our company ” during his 30 -year career there, and that Garcia “was as passionate about his job at Apple as he was about his love of diving. Both leave many friends behind and will be deep missed.”

Another diver aboard was visual consequences decorator Charles McIlvain, who was known for his work on movies such as “Spider-Man” and “Green Lantern.”

His wife, Jasmine Lord, said in a family statement that he was with their close friend Marybeth Guiney, who was also the couple’s neighbor in Santa Monica.

Both lived their lives to the fullest, according to the statement.

“His laugh was the greatest and his smile could light up the dark, ” the family said in a statement. “He embraced life with exceptional exhilaration, openness and humor, and all who knew him felt that warmth.”

McIlvain worked as a visual effects designer for Walt Disney Imagineering and a pipeline engineer and technical animation supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks. He also worked for Netflix.

Another passenger was Lisa Fiedler, a 52 -year-old hairdresser and photographer from the community of Mill Valley north of San Francisco, her mother, Nancy Fiedler, told San Francisco’s ABC affiliate, KGO television.

“Everybody loved her, ” her mom said.

Education platform Brilliant, based in San Francisco, confirmed two employees were on the barge over the holiday weekend. Carrie McLaughlin was a senior software engineer, and Kristian Takvam was vice president of engineering, the company said.

“The loss of Carrie and Kristian is deeply heartbreaking for all of us at Brilliant, ” chief executive Sue Khim said. “Carrie and Kristian were incredible friends and colleagues who brought immense passion, talent, leadership, and warmth, and they will be missed dearly. Our hearts are with their families and friends.”

Susana Rosas of Stockton, California, posted that her three daughters — Evan, Nicole and Angela Quitasol — “ve been with” their father, Michael Quitasol, and stepmother, Fernisa Sison. Evan Quitasol was a nurse in Stockton, where her father and Sison had worked, and her sister Angela was a Stockton science middle school teacher while Nicole ran at a eatery in Coronado, near San Diego.

“Everybody’s devastated, ” said Dominic Selga, Sison’s ex-husband.

The fire started shortly after 3 a.m. Monday as the boat sat anchored in Platt’s Harbor off Santa Cruz Island, amongst the rugged, wind-swept isles that sort Channel Islands National Park.

Scott Chan, a physics teacher at American High School in Fremont, was there too with his 26 -year-old daughter Kendra, said Brian Killgore, a spokesman for the Fremont Unified School District.

“His students knew him to be an innovative and inspiring teacher who developed a passion for physics among his students, ” the district said in a statement.

Other divers who died were an Arizona couple, Patricia Beitzinger and Neal Baltz, according to ABC affiliate KNXV-TV in Phoenix. “They went to heaven “ve got something” they loved together, ” Neal’s father, John Baltz, told the television station.

Kristy Finstad, a marine biologist and co-owner of Worldwide Diving Adventures in Santa Cruz, was leading the scuba tour and had done hundreds of dives in the Channel Islands, according to her company’s website.


Watson reported from San Diego. Associated Press writers John Antczak and John Rogers in Los Angeles and Janie Har in San Francisco, Amy Taxin in Santa Ana, California, and researcher Rhonda Shafner in New York contributed to this story.


This story corrects the last name of Charles McIlvain’s spouse to Jasmine Lord.

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