Photo competition from Analox

As part of Analox’s DEMA 2020 campaign they are running an underwater photography competitor, #MadForMarineLife.

Analox are fascinated by everything that goes on beneath the surface and would love for you to share your experiences with them! If you have taken any underwater photos that you are proud of and would like to showcase, consider entering them into our #MadForMarineLife rivalry for a chance to win your very own O2EII Pro Nitrox Analyzer.

Monitoring the oxygen levels within your gas mix by using the O2EII Pro Nitrox analyzer will determine your entire diving plan allowing you to plan the depth, time and decompression stages allowing for a carefree dive . Simply send your best underwater images to marketing @analox. biz to be entered into our competition to win an Analox O2EII Pro Nitrox analyzer worth over $260 !

Your photos will also be proudly showcased on our website and social media channels:

Facebook- @AnaloxGroup
LinkedIn- Analox Group
Instagram- analoxgroup
Twitter- @AnaloxGroup

All entries should be submitted by 12 th November 2020 to be entered into the competition. The winner will be announced on 20 th November 2020 at the end of the DEMA exhibition on all Analox social media channels. They will also get in touch with the win directly to arrange delivery of their O2EII Pro Nitrox analyzer.

DEMA 2020 is running 17 th-2 0th November 2020. If you would like to attend this event, please register your interest at

A little bit about Analoxa |

From 370 km above the Earth to 11,000 m under the sea, and everything in between, Analox is there for you. They have been niche and custom gas detection solutions since 1981. Their target markets include: Laboratories, medical, diving, military, green energy, food& beverage, gas blending and ASU( air separation divisions ).

A couple of cool factsa |
1. Analox supply products that get sent into space to help cosmonauts around the world to safely complete their explorations!
2. Analox are the only company in the world who can monitor hydrocarbons at 300 m under the sea in 95% RH!

If you already use Analox products, they would love to hear feedback on your experiences with them at marketing @analox. biz

Keep diving, keep exploring, let Analox maintain you safe … and good luck with your photo entry!

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