RAID make all e-learning courses completely FREE!

RAID training agency have just launched their FREE e-learning platform. All courses, all free. Permanently.

‘FREe-Learning’ is a unique innovation that offer free access to over 120 courses to anyone interested in- or about to participate inadiving. Non-divers, divers, divemasters, instructors, instructor trainers, and dive centers , no matter what agency, can access the RAID online academics and quizzes now for FREE.

RAID have observed what is happening within the industry right now, and has decided to take a proactive stance, rather than reactive. The design of FREe-Learning is not just to keep divers active and learning while they are unable to actually dive, as is the current situation. On the contrary, since this will be a permanent training benefit at RAID, FREe-Learning can be used whenever normal training schedules cannot be completed or at any other time. This could be due to a seasonal restriction( such as during winter ), traveling limiteds, or temporary fiscal restrictions.

RAID have established themselves as the online-learning expert, launching the first fully online system in the industry. The benefit to you is unlimited access to the best online academics available.

Each course is presented in a series of easy-to-understand, arousing chapters, at the end of each chapter there is a short quiz to gauge your understanding of the basic concepts and rules of diving. When you’ve completed each quiz, the system retains a record of your answers. Connect with a RAID instructor or dive centre to finish off the course and become fully certified.

FREe-Learning is easy to use. Simply visit or and click on one of the FREe-Learning buttons to create a personal profile by registering and following the on-screen instructions .

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