Scuba Diver Swims With Sharks, Ends Up Saving One’s Life

A scuba diving teacher in Byron Bay, Australia who encountered a nurse shark with a piece of plastic net stuck in its mouth decided to put himself at risk to help.

In a video posted on Storyful, Inaki Aizpun said he knew the 6-and-a-half foot shark would die a slow, painful death if the netting was not removed. So he did something that most people would never do — swam closer to the shark and tried to help it.

“I fought my dread of approaching a shark in pain, ” Aizpun said in the video.

He grabbed a rope that was trailing from the netting in the shark’s mouth and held on while the shark flailed about. On the second try, the shark freed itself.

Check out the video above to consider what the shark did next .

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