Scuba Diver Watches The Largest White Shark He’s Ever Seen Swim By

While diving off the coast of Mexico in 2013, this videographer got a close look of what might be the largest white shark ever recorded on camera.

Mauricio, the videographer, encountered what he told Storyful was the largest white shark hes ever seen, and I dont doubt him one bit.

This great white beauty of a shark was pregnant at the time, measured virtually over six meters in duration, and was also 50 years of age.

Im candidly not so sure what I would have done if I wouldve seen this giant mammal swimming towards me.

I know theres those who arent too afraid of sharks, like this scuba diving couple for example. They were adventurous enough to get engagedunderwater while surrounded by sharks.

Regardless if Im in a tank or in open water, the last thing Id want to do is willingly put myself in a situation where a shark can see me and swim directly towards me.

I altogether understand the need to get these magnificent animals on tape if the opportunity ever presented itself, but it being worth your safety is debatable.The clip below, however, is truly entrancing to watch. This shark took a friendly swimming on by, and Mauricio was lucky enough to get the experience on camera to be able to put it on the internet for all to see.

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