Spring 2020

FREE ISSUE: Since the world is on an extended surface interval, we thought we’d stimulate our brand new digital issue available completely free. You do need to make an account with Magzter( free ), but then you’ll be able to access the brand new issue for zero bucks!

https :// www.magzter.com/ a |/ Seagraphia |/ DIVER-mag/ Sports/ 431411

Features this issue 😛 TAGEND EXCLUSIVE: A Jill Heinerth discusses decompression illness and denial in the first of a two proportion special editorial feature. EXCLUSIVE: Interview withA National Park Service Submerged Resources CenterA Brett Seymour( does this guy have the best job in diving ?!) Secret Shores of Gorontalo Exploring the ancient ours of Greece Cold water freediving with Kirk Krack Discovering a new shipwreck in the Philippines Basking shark wonders in Ireland

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