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Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask- Panoramic Full Face Design. See More With Larger Viewing Area Than Traditional Masks. Prevents Gag Reflex with Tubeless Design

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Manufacturer Description

Introducing the SeaView 180° entire experience snorkeling mask by WildHorn Outfitters. Is snorkeling unpleasant for you? Do you loathe respiration by way of a tube in your mouth? Have you at any time experienced gag reflex or sore a sore mouth from biting on a conventional snorkel? Want to see more? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Seaview 180° snorkel mask will change your knowledge! The silicone mask insert provides a comfortable in shape with no stress details located on other masks.

Many thanks to the mask's modern style, you no lengthier have to deal with a tube snorkel in your mouth. Breathing chambers inside of the mask and an modern dry snorkel enable you to breathe in a natural way and calmly by way of possibly your nose or mouth. Breathing slowly by way of your nose assists minimize odds of fogging. The dry snorkel will avert h2o from getting into the mask by way of the snorkel tube. If h2o does leak by way of the seal close to your experience, just carry your head out of the h2o and it will drain by way of a one-way chin valve. This mask also has the premier viewing spot on the market!

This mask is excellent for the two adults who casually snorkel and little ones or youth that are just starting out. Area snorkeling, not free diving, is the optimal use for this mask owing to the large surface area spot the mask handles on your experience. If you might be completely ready to have a greater snorkel knowledge, acquire the Seaview 180° nowadays!


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Product Features

180° FULL FACE DESIGN- makes it easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose while you are snorkeling. Our mask provides a 180° viewing area- the biggest of any snorkel mask on the market today guaranteeing that you will see more fish and sea creatures than ever before. With our integrated GoPro Mount you can easily attach your GoPro camera to capture and share your adventure with friends and family. DRY SNORKEL TECHNOLOGY stops salt water from getting into your mouth and prevents gagging. Spend less time worrying about water in your mask and more time snorkeling! ANTI-FOG DESIGN- There is nothing worse than dealing with a mask that is constantly fogging up. Our innovative design features a separate breathing chamber that creates an airflow away from your main viewing visor that helps eliminates fogging and will keep you snorkeling longer. EASY TO USE so you spend less time fussing with equipment and more time enjoying your snorkeling experience. KIDS AND YOUTH will love the way the mask works as they are learning to snorkel and swim with their head in the water. Plus they will think it's so cool to be able to breathe underwater!

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