TDI acquire Performance Freediving International, and PFA launched!

ITI, the mother company of TDI, SDI, ERDI and First Response Training, have today announced a new addition to their family with the acquisiton of Performance Freediving International. DIVER readers will be familiar with PFI as its founder, Kirk Krack, is our regular freediving columnist and Contributing Editor.

” Iam aroused that PFI now joins the ITI group of diving companies including SDI, TDI, ERDI and First Response. Same great philosophyas, adherence to criteria, quality education and now unparalleled customer service for our customers and professional members .” Says Krack.

By joining forces-out with Performance Freediving International, ITI continues its tradition of innovation and will no doubt shake up the freediving market with its announcement. Such a team up stimulates sense especially given Kirk Krack’s technical scuba roots and innovation within freediving.

Performance Freediving International will now offer courses to all members of ITI- reaching a larger audience than ever, in a market that continues to grow year on year.

PFI is the oldest freediving-specific agency in the Americas. They have the oldest formal freediving course standards and procedures in the world. Whilst TDI are the world’s largest technological diving training agency, and the first to adopt nitrox, dive computers, and eLearning.

Learn more about Performance Freediving International here.A

While Kirk Krack will work closely with ITI’s Brian Carney it was also announced today that he will continue to personally develop freedivers through the newly formed Performance Freediving Academy( PFA ).

” PFA now becomes a very concentrated professional training arm, whilst PFI’s day to day bureau obligations are in the hands of a company that specialize and excel in that area. PFA will continue to develop courses, which TDI/ SDI members wanting to get into freediving can take advantage of. The partnership between PFA and TDI/ SDI will be hugely beneficial , not just to both parties, but to all freedivers, and the industry as a whole.”

” PFA will continue to focus on our specialized and idolized training for military, professional athletes, private clients and the movie industry. We’ll also be getting much more into expedition travelling, offering some unique international freediving possibilities. It’s an exciting time to be a freediver !”

Learn more about Performance Freediving Academy here .

To learn about Kirk Krack’s technical Freediving of Truk Lagoon click here.

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