The Cayman Islands- 3 Islands to explore but each so different!

By Neil van Niekerk

Photo: Neil van Niekerk

As a professional diver with over a decade merely guiding the Cayman Islands, I learned a few pointers…

The Cayman Islands offer a vast array of options in diving, catering from 8 year old Bubble Maker experiences in hotel pools, to breathtaking swim-throughs filled with silversides, to technical deep adventures. Thereas something for everyone! Diving one and expecting the rest to look the same, is a tragically common mistake. The level of diving expertise available is unrivaled. The Cayman Islands is unique in that dive operators almost exclusively merely hire dive Instructors. Virtually no professional divers below Instructor level, with very few Divemasters or other. That trend is shared all throughout the 3 islands and gives itself to an exceptionally high standard of professionalism and proficiency, in guides, guests and students. This allows for a remarkably safe experience to be shared easily. Photo: Neil van Niekerk

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