The world’s most dangerous places to take a swimming

You may want to heed the sign and refrain from swimming in these dangerous places.( iStock)

Some unbelievable outdoor swimming spots are protected areas while others are open year-round for people to dive off docks, swim, go on boat tours, and enjoy any style they can. Many are totally safe– but some that appear to be, arent’.

Open-water swimming can be dangerous, even if you know what youre doing. No one is immune to sudden thunderstorms that can lead to overruled boats, stranded passengers, sudden encounters with wildlife and dangerous swimming conditions.

Some locations are so dangerous and shark-infested that government officials have stepped in and initiated special safety programs that rely on nets, drum lines, or a combination of both to remove high-risk sharks from a particular place. Other locations are perilous because of unseen but powerful rip currents.

Here’s what to expect if you dare to take on some of the world’s most dangerous swimming locales.

1. West End, Grand Bahama Island


West End has some of the most shark-infested beaches in the world. Aptly named, Tiger Beach off of Grand Bahama is one of the worlds top spots for insuring tiger sharks. Most diving expeditions assure an up-close sighting of these toothy creatures, who are capable of grow to be about 16 feet long. Tiger Beach is on the pail listing of many underwater photographers and adventurers– steer clear if you’re not a pro.

2. The Boiling Lake, Dominica


The name says it all here. Some people, however, may not take the risks into account and fall victim to the allure of the steam. The simmering is believed to be caused by heat from a magma chamber beneath the lake but the water temperature can reach a scalding 194 degrees.

3. East and North Coasts of Barbados


The South and West coasts of Barbados are the best regions for swimming and snorkeling, while but proceed with caution along the East and North coasts which both have large waves and strong tides. Swimming here is not recommended, according to Terra Caribbean . Crashing waves and cool gusts make this part of the island very relaxing and a favorite place for locals to vacation along the coastline. Just avoid going too deep in the water.

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4. Condado Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico


On Trip Advisor, reviewers have noted that Condado Beach is very nice but very dangerous. Big waves, strong underflow, and rip currents scare people away. There are also big stones on both sides of the beach, which only increase the danger of you getting hurt while swimming in less-than-ideal conditions.

5. New Smyrna Beach, Florida


New Smyrna is known as the shark assault capital of the world. Be careful when surfing out in the Atlantic since Florida sharks may assault humen. Common sharks in New Smyrna beach include blacktip, spinner and tiger sharks.

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