This Is Definitely Not What You Want To Happen When You’re Inspecting A Boat

Here’s how I feel about big bodies of water:

And here’s how I feel about people willingly diving into big bodies of water for extended periods of time:

So you can imagine my fear when I went across this video that was shot back in 1991 by a few divers inspecting a damaged boat.

Of course, the boat ran ahead and sustained injury on the hull instead of literally any other portion, which meant that it had to be inspected from the water. “We attained the assumption that if the ship was tied up, the bridge wouldn’t turn on the[ propellers ], ” one of the divers explained. “We were wrong.”

Oh, honey bunches of NO.

I was about 80 percent over the ocean before I watched this video, and I’ve officially reached 100.

I’ll stick to dry land. Thanks.

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