This is the first time anyone has insured a Ruby Seadragon alive

In 2015, researchers discovered a new species of seadragon, a kind of marine fish related to pipefish and seahorses.

Josefin Stiller, a graduate student at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego discovered the little ruby friend, dubbed the “Ruby Seadragon” by analyzing the Dna of preserved specimens.

Until now , no one has ever seen the shy ocean being alive in the water. The only specimens studied have washed up on shores or been preserved in museum collections.

Researchers traveled to beaches on Australia’s remote western coast to find the Ruby Seadragon.

It lives at depths too deep for scuba diving, so researchers use an underwater drone in order to see the animal in its natural habitat.

In April 2016, Scripps’ scientists ultimately detected what they were looking for: the majestic AF Ruby Seadragon, loving life in his peaceful Australian home.

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