WATCH: This 80 -Year-Old Diver Has Uncovered A Trove Of Treasures

At 80 -years-old, Ray Ives is all about the thrill of adventure. But the thrills he tries are different — they all happen below the ocean’s surface .~ ATAGEND

Ives, who was featured in the short documentary, “Ray: A Life Underwater, “ scours the depths of the ocean for forgotten gems. He started his underwater escapades as a commercial diver in 1965, but now dives for pleasure and has come across quite a few vintage gems while doing so — everything from coins, to guns, to swords.

The diver noted that he has no plans to slow things down anytime soon.

“As long as I can climb in and climb out, I’m going to carry on doing it, ” he said.

Watch the video above to assure footage of Ives’ diving experiences and check out more run from the filmmakers behind the documentary — Amanda Bluglass and Danny Cooke — on their websites.

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