Winter 2019

Features this issue 😛 TAGEND The Road Less TravelledA Washington Stateas submerged riches Dive MedicineA Diving with a mental health issue To Submerge and ProtectA Training the RCMPas URT Symbiotic RelationshipsA Not always what they seem Diving for DNAA Bacterial sampling in a inundated mine The Antikythera Shipwreck Significant detects still being made South AustraliaA Accessible and wildly under-rated

Columns this issue 😛 TAGEND Interview with UnderwaterA Photographer Maxwel Hohn Being Digital withA Michel Gilbert& Danielle Alary Freediving with Kirk Krack Technical Diving with Steve Lewis Cave Diving with Natalie Gibb Citizen Science withA Heather Creech Kids and Diving with Margo Peyton Safety by Divers Alert Network Dive Travel by Fly& Sea Tech Diving History with Michael Menduno Future Oceans with Jean-Michel Cousteau Eau Canada Dive News Dive Facts with The Diving Almanac

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