Woman On Vacation Finds Mysterious Chest In Ocean, Opens It To Find Photos Of Her Husband

In July of 2015, Tim Whited wanted to do something especially special for his and his wife’s 30 th bridal anniversary. For Melissa, Tim wanted to create something personal with his own bare hands.

” I’ll never be able to adequately express in words just how much she is to me, how she makes me feel or what she does for me as a person ,” Tim wrote on YouTube.” Perhaps, merely perhaps I could come up with a astonish that can do it without words .”

Tim, a talented craftsman, set out to build a treasure chest and wooden volume by hand, then fill the book and box with photos from his and Melissa’s first 30 years of wedding. How awesome is that ?! And since the couple has always loved Hawaii and tropical adventures, Tim decided to take the project a step further by use different woods from the islands they had visited.

While Tim’s friends and family knew about his lofty notion, Melissa had no clue what was in store when they ran scuba-diving in Hawaii. There, at the bottom of the ocean, sat Tim’s secret rich box on which he spent hours finishing to perfection.

Now, all Melissa had to do was find the treasure chest and open it…

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